Paolo Tremadio
Paolo Tremadio
Paolo Tremadio
Senior software developer, Co-founder of forgetbusy
  • I prefer to work in East / Central London
  • I mainly work as contractor but open to take a perm role for the right opportunity
About me

My ideal job

I'm a Senior software developer and hands-on tech lead; my ideal job is a project to have an impact on. I love to work side by side with Product and UX to help shaping the future of tech products.

What I’ve worked on

My biggest achievement has been working with IAC on a project called Werkspot. I’ve been asked to work between London and Amsterdam on a very challenging project: a gradual rebuild of the website (avoiding a big-bang release), keeping the website running, keeping experimenting on new features, with a team of 8 people that never worked together before. I’ve managed to make it happen, without losing revenues and by improving the website performances. I’ve worked on hiring the team of developers. I’ve then worked with an amazing product/UX team to the new design and user experience of the website. Last but not least, we have successfully migrated from an old legacy monolith to scenario-driven APIs with a responsive website as main API client.

Side Project: forgetbusy

I’ve been running my own side project in order to keep experiment with new technologies. The aim of forgetbusy is to bridge the gap between marketers and technology. With forgetbusy we're building modern and simple apps that save time.

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I would love to hear from you!
Send me an email at [email protected]